120-960 W Power Supplies

Equipped with a new IO-Link module

  • 120-960 W Power Supplies
    120-960 W Power Supplies

Wago provides its Pro 2 Power Supply, with units ranging from 120-960 W, setting new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. The Pro 2 can connect to both a PLC and IoT gateway via a snap-on type communication module (currently, IO-Link; Ethernet-based protocols such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP). The data from the Power Supply Unit (PSU) can be saved and analyzed for energy optimization. The central PLC can switch off distributed PSUs in parts of the system via a hardware signal or bus command to activate standby mode to save energy.

Status information available to avoid the need to check the output voltage manually

The unit’s monitoring functions provide information about current power supply or connected load data. Moreover, the slimline power supplies combine great high-power density with high efficiency, requiring less space and generating less heat in the control cabinet. The energy conversion efficiency is of up to 96.3%. Furthermore, the high-performance TopBoost or PowerBoost ensure maximum system uptime. TopBoost delivers 600% extra output current, enabling protection for up to 15 ms compared to conventional circuit breakers. PowerBoost supplies an additional 150% output current for five seconds, providing superior reserve power.

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