WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Hansastraße 27
32423 Minden - Germany
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Supplier's articles
120-960 W Power Supplies
Marking Software
Telecontrollers for Virtual Power Plants
Controller PFC200
Communication via Mobile Network
Relay Modules
Secure Telecontrol Technology
SMD Terminal Block
Splicing Connector
BACnet Controller
Linux Controller
Power Supply Units
DIN-rail Terminal Block System
Ethernet Eco Switch
Shorter Strain Relief Housing
Fieldbus Coupler
Power Measurement Modules
PROFINET IO Fieldbus Couplers
PCB Terminal Blocks
Plug-In Current Transformers
PCB Headers
2-channel Analog Output Module
Pluggable Connector System
Web Connector
Ex i Counter
Controllers for Flexible Automation
PROFINET-IO Fieldbus Coupler
Power Supply Family
SMD PCB Terminal Blocks
Locking Male Connectors
Vertical Jumpers & Test Plugs
PCB Terminal Strips
PROFIsafe I/O Modules
PROFIsafe Modules
Digital I/O Modules
Insulated Busbar Carriers
Ethernet Controller
Interface Module
AS Interface Master
Double Deck Terminal Strips
Base Terminal Block
Universal Isolation Amplifier
Ethernet Controller and Coupler
Industrial Ethernet Switches
Linux Controller
Measurement Module
HMI Devices
Inline Tag Labels
Advanced UPS Modules
DC Drive Controller
Integrating Safety Applications
Ex Box
NT/L 2003-7640 and LT/L 2003-7659 terminal block
Interface Adapters