Vertical Jumpers & Test Plugs

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Vertical Jumpers & Test Plugs
Vertical Jumpers & Test Plugs

Pluggable components, including vertical jumpers for multilevel terminal blocks and test plugs for insertion into clamping unit, join WAGO’s range of TOPJOBS rail-mounted terminal blocks. Enabling users to vertically common the company’s rail-mounted terminal blocks, the vertical plug-in jumpers are created for double- and triple-deck TOPJOBS terminal blocks. They connect two or three levels together and are clearly marked with numerals “2” and “3”, thereby distinguishing the 2002-492 double-deck and 2002-493 triple-deck vertical jumpers, even when inserted. The  2002-611 test plugs for TOPJOBS rail-mounted terminal blocks are designed for tool-free insertion into clamping units. This makes them ideal for multilevel terminal block assemblies in which jumper slots are inaccessible. Rated up to 16A, the 2002-611 Series can be assembled to multipole plugs, along with WMB markers and strain relief plates. TOPJOBS is the latest and most comprehensive range of the company's rail-mount terminal blocks. It fulfills virtually all industrial and building installation requirements and are approved for Ex applications. Thanks to CAGE CLAMPS termination technology, TOPJOBS DIN-rail mount terminal blocks are the industry’s most compact. Test plugs for insertion into clamping units are ideal for multilevel terminal block assemblies with inaccessible jumper slots.

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