Secure Telecontrol Technology

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Encrypting performance data directly from the telecontrol device


Secure Telecontrol Technology
Secure Telecontrol Technology

Wago's PFC200 Telecontroller ensures the secure transmission of the correct performance data from the regenerative energy producer to the control center. In modern power grids, the maintenance of grid stability is one of the responsibilities of the transmission system operators. This is achieved by feeding control reserve power into the grid, which they frequently purchase from regenerative energy producers. If the performance data transferred from the producer to the control center is incorrect or manipulated, this regulation process becomes problematic for transmission system operators.

In order to prevent these kinds of deliberate manipulations, transmission system operators have considerably increased their requirements with regard to the encryption of the transmission data with telecontrol technology: suppliers are now required to encrypt the data transmission directly from the telecontrol technology. This is where the company offers a solution that can eliminate the need for the insecure ETHERNET connection between the controller and VPN router: The Linux environment of the telecontroller makes it possible to implement encryption technologies via SSL/SSH. In this way, an IPsec or Open-VPN connection can be implemented for sending the encrypted data directly from the controller. Additional functions such as Dual-LAN are also integrated. The PFC platform also offers protocol-independent transmission in addition to the security features. This enables the different substations to be networked for example via IEC 60870/61850, Modbus TCP/RTU or PROFIBUS.

Posted on February 12, 2015 - (560 views)
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