PCB Headers

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With rivet flanges

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PCB Headers
PCB Headers

PCB headers are subjected to mechanical loading when attaching and removing female connectors. Wago has developed a number of different attachment options for its X-COM-SYSTEM to ensure that the soldered points do not have to bear the forces exerted by this mechanical loading. Besides soldered headers with screw flanges, new ones have been developed with rivets. These new headers with rivet flanges are available as straight, 2 to 15-pole versions (769-632/007-000 to 769-645/007-000), with pin spacing of 5 mm. The advantage of riveted attachments is the considerably reduced installation time that is required. The soldered headers are attached to the PCB using riveting tongs or a riveting gun. The only task that the soldered points then need to carry out is their electrical function. Soldered headers with rivet flanges save time and money in all applications that require a large number of permanent connections.

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