Pluggable Connector System

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Pluggable Connector System
Pluggable Connector System

Regarding its pluggable connector system for PCB boards, Wago has optimized picoMAX with respect to safety, functionality, and series production. Its special construction, combined with spring pressure connection technology and innovative insulation material, guarantees absolute contact security even with high ambient temperatures. The contact bridge that separates the termination unit from the header pin is especially short. The correspondingly short current path minimizes contact resistance. In addition, the female connector is fully shrouded by the male header and locks into place via integrated latches for vibration-resistance up to 20 g. picoMAX makes double use of the contact force of a single Cr-Ni stainless steel spring: For clamping the conductor and connecting the header pin. Therefore, the 2091 and 2092 Series are up to 30 % more compact than conventional systems. It is possible to wire female connectors while mated or unmated. Within a male header's housing, the female connectors can be arranged side by side without loss of polarity. Integrated locking latches prevent the unintentional disconnection of male and female connectors. Both integrated push-buttons and sliding connector release make handling intuitive and easy. On delivery, the pluggable PCB connectors are fitted with solder pins. Therefore, they can be directly soldered to a PCB and then wired just as terminal blocks are. If required, the entire pluggable connector can be removed without altering the wiring and then plugged onto the spare PCB. The connectors of different lengths can be arranged side by side without loss of poles, maximizing space saving on the PCB. Both connectors are available in 3.5 mm pin spacing (2091 Series), as well as 5 mm and 7.5 mm pin spacing (2092 Series). All variants are also suitable for THR soldering applications.

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