Power Measurement Modules

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Power Measurement Modules
Power Measurement Modules

The 750-49x Power Measurement Modules within the fieldbus-independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 transmit metrics (e.g., reactive/apparent/effective power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle, frequency, over-/undervoltage) directly into the module. This eliminates the need for external measuring equipment, reducing measurement costs nearly ten-fold. Besides energy consumption measurement and harmonic analysis, the modules also feature additional functions for a comprehensive grid analysis, allowing grid disturbances to be localized (e.g., interference spikes). Insulation faults can also be detected using measurement in the N-conductor. The 4-quadrant display indicates the type of load (inductive, capacitive) and whether it is an energy consumer or producer. The module connects to a WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM fieldbus coupler or controller and transmits the metrics to an energy management system. Communication is provided via multiple fieldbus systems (e.g., BACnet, KNX, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETHERNET or EtherNet/IP).

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