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    Linux Controller

PLC development environment or higher-level programming language: The WAGO PFC200 is at home in either one. The Board Support Package (BSP) for the Linux controller provides embedded developers with all of the possibilities offered by the open-source operating system. The WAGO base image can be expanded with open-source packages for customizing the operating system to meet any needs. In this way, the most varying environments, such as Java, PHP or Python can be used. Expansions of the PLC functionality can also be configured from any C code using external CODESYS libraries. The embedded programmer can also completely replace the PLC runtime environment with customized C/C++ applications, with access to the internal data bus (K-bus), CAN and PROFIBUS. The use of Linux in industrial environments also provides further benefits: The real-time-capable system is technically mature and is extremely robust and stable. Comprehensive user management, memory protection mechanisms and verifiable data integrity ensure maximum security. In addition to Linux itself, other software tools can also be used for nearly any task as open-source solutions.

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