60 Years: RUHRGETRIEBE Celebrates its Anniversary

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Specialist for worm geared motors

60 Years: RUHRGETRIEBE Celebrates its Anniversary
60 Years: RUHRGETRIEBE Celebrates its Anniversary

The specialist for worm geared motors from the Ruhr area looks back with pride on its company history and celebrates its sound business success. While it is above all the reliability, flexibility and competence of RUHRGETRIEBE that the customers value, Bernd Gildemeyer, the managing director, attributes the long-term success primarily to the extremely short delivery periods, which is an important selling point in the sector. In urgent cases, delivery of gears and motors can be carried out within only 24 hours. Due to its sustained service quality, RUHREGETRIEBE was last year selected as the best supplier by a renowned machinery manufacturer. However it is not just appreciation from outside that makes up a significant part of the corporate culture of the Mülheim company but also that from within.
The liberal management team makes it possible for all employees to act in an independent way and under their own responsibility, thus providing space for the development of ideas. Long-term work relationships build trust and demonstrate the close loyalty to the company. Also the fact that they offer young people apprenticeships every year shows that RUHRGETRIEBE is committed to their social responsibilities and contributes to positive future prospects in Germany.

Posted on November 12, 2013 - (180 views)
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