A Virtual Skin for 2020 AI Convention Europe

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AI Convention Europe was launched in 2018 as a one-day conference targeting international B2B AI professionals. This year, its third edition will take place digitally on October 20-21-22 in the form of a three-day webinar

Artificial Intelligence, Covid-19

A Virtual Skin for 2020 AI Convention Europe
A Virtual Skin for 2020 AI Convention Europe
A Virtual Skin for 2020 AI Convention Europe
A Virtual Skin for 2020 AI Convention Europe

Coronavirus may have frozen our social interactions for a while, but it hasn’t prevented people from meeting and discussing important topics, at least digitally. Like many other events, AI Convention Europe, the conference for AI professionals organized by TIMGlobal Media and Mark-Com Event, opted for a digital format. Still, the news this year is that the one-day conference becomes a three-day webinar taking place on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of October 2020.

Unlike previous years, where numerous speakers took the floor to discuss various issues ranging from law to business, industry, and ethics, this edition will be highly focused on specific topics. The program will consist of three webinars of 90 minutes each, conducted by three top experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI for competition, traceability, and business value

The AI webinar series will be open by Salomé Cisnal de Ugarte Managing Partner at Hogan Lovells, with a discussion that focuses on targeted pricing policies made possible by AI and their potential harm and biases. 

Indeed, AI has already made possible variable pricing schemes to increase profit based on consumer profiles and contingency. For example, some companies use selective algorithms to determine real-time the price of a flight ticket for the consumer on the basis of profiling data. This translates into higher or lower prices based on the type of device used – if it’s an old PC, you’ll pay less, while for the newest Macintosh, you’ll pay more. Similarly, Uber’s AI technology will raise the price of a ride in emergency situations where the request – and the profitability – is high.

On day 2, Matthieu Hug, CEO & Founder at Tilkal, will discuss the opportunities lying in blockchain for smart traceability. Traceability 4.0 will make traceability information constantly available in real-time. As it happens with the digital thread, the idea of implementing a holistic approach to trace each product at every step of the production process can bring significant operational improvements. The fragmented observation evolves into a continuous analysis of the data, which are available both upstream and downstream.

The event will close its ''screens'' on day 3 with a significant insight on how AI and digital platforms can be critical to the manufacturing industry. Eric Prevost, Vice President Strategy Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 at Oracle France will discuss macro-themes like companies' survival in times of crisis and new business models in the light of embracing new-age technologies such as Cloud, AI, IOT, Blockchain to create new business opportunities and value. Needless to say, the transition to the digital factory is inevitable.

Free online registration open

The webinars are held for free. Every person interested can register on AI Convention website and attend one or all conferences. Don’t forget that IEN Europe is the official media partner of AI Convention Europe. Our readers are warmly invited not to miss this great event!

For free registration, click here!

Sara Ibrahim

Posted on October 1, 2020 - (931 views)
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