AMA Innovation Award 2013: Submit Your Project Now

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Projects with clearly discernible market relevance

AMA Innovation Award 2013: Submit Your Project Now
AMA Innovation Award 2013: Submit Your Project Now

The AMA Association for Sensor Technology (AMA) is calling for submissions to contend for the AMA Innovation Award 2013. The AMA is looking for innovative research and development projects with clearly discernible market relevance from the area of sensor and measuring technology. Submission can be made by individuals or developer teams with novel, outstanding R&D projects. The 10,000-euro AMA Innovation Award will be complemented next year for the first time by an additional, special award for start-up enterprises. The submission deadline is 21 January 2013.
The AMA Innovation Award has been presented for 13 years now for extraordinary research and development projects and is among the most renown awards in sensor and measuring technology. Exceptional for this award is the fact that the developers and developer teams themselves are bestowed, not the supporting institutions.
In 2012 over 70 submissions worldwide were published by the Association in a brochure. "By publishing the first-rate, innovative submissions, we are fulfilling the objective of our association to link science and research more closely with industry", says Thomas Simmons, the Executive Manager of the AMA. "All submissions are presented to a wide-ranging audience and the industry obtains an insight into the current state of the art in sensor and measuring technology."
Individuals as well developer teams from anywhere on the globe are welcome to submit their projects for the AMA Innovation Award 2013. The conditions of participation and application forms are available in German and English free of charge on the AMA website
The nominations for the award will be made known at the annual AMA press conference in February 2013. The Innovation Award will be presented during the opening ceremony at the Sensor+Test on 14 May 2013 in Nuremberg.

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