Chainflex CF Robot-LWL fibre optic cable

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for 3D movements in energy chains

Electronics & Electricity

Chainflex CF Robot-LWL fibre optic cable
Chainflex CF Robot-LWL fibre optic cable

The twistable fibre optic cable for all 3D movements in energy chains was designed to keep bus systems working reliably. The twistable TPE fibre optic cable ''Chainflex CF Robot-LWL'' makes high data rates possible and can be routed directly alongside high-capacity electrical power cables. The special design uses twist-optimised compensating elements, and the mechanically strong fibre optic cable is absolutely robust even with rotary angles of +180° e.g. on a robot arm.

Posted on May 1, 2009 - (290 views)
igus GmbH
Spicher Straße 1a
51147 Köln - Germany
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