Guide Trough System

For plant irrigation

  • Guide Trough System
    Guide Trough System

igus has developed a guide trough system that is easy to assemble, suitable for long travels of up to 150 metres and perfect for applications within the horticultural industry. guidelite was inspired by applications in outdoor environments that needed to use long travels of energy chains but had issues with the build up of debris in the supporting guide trough caused by the elements of water, earth and dust. To prevent this from happening, the company created a system that was as well as being robust had fewer components. The system consists of plastic L shaped guide bars, profile rails, energy chain and a special feeder module. Because each guide bar is set at 1 metre increments, the upper chain runs freely so there is ample room for wet debris to fall straight through, thus eliminating build up and system breakdowns. Although the product was designed with plant irrigation in mind, it can also be used in application areas where there are low numbers of cycles.

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