Chemically Resistant Tape

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Provides an adhesive strength of 0.056 kg/mm

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Chemically Resistant Tape
Chemically Resistant Tape

A Teflon coated, high temperature, fiberglass tape produced by Aremco Products, Pyro-Tape 682-CR is combined with a high strength silicone adhesive. Rated from -73 to 260 °C, it provides an adhesive strength of 0.056 kg/mm and a tensile strength of 0.83 MPa. cross-sectional thickness is 0,228 mm. The tape is typically used as a corrosion protective wrapping for pipes, ductwork and process instrumentation exposed to corrosives and/or high heat, and as a non-stick covering for chutes, slides, heat seal bars, and molds used in the fabrication of composite materials.

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