High Temperature Black-Body Coating

To improve the thermal efficiency of commercial and consumer appliances and industrial ovens and furnaces

  • High Temperature Black-Body Coating
    High Temperature Black-Body Coating

Aremco's HiE-Coat 840-M, a jet-black, water-dispersed, ceramic coating developed has demonstrates an emissivity greater than 0.90 at temperatures to 2000 ºF (1093 ºC). The emissivity of a material can range from 0.00 to 1.00; a high emissivity material will absorb (rather than reflect or transmit) and very effectively re-radiate infrared energy. High temperature gas burners or combustion chambers used in commercial and consumer appliances and industrial ovens and furnaces coated with high emissivity coatings are more energy efficient and distribute heat more uniformly.

The product has been formulated specifically for metal surfaces such as stainless steel and is applied easily using a sponge brush, roller or conventional spray equipment. The coverage rate is approximately 360 ft2/gallon based on a two mil dry film thickness. Curing is accomplished in operation or by heating for 1-2 hours at 200 ºF. Related coatings, HiE-Coat 840-C and 840-CM, have been formulated for ceramic and refractory surfaces.

The coating is a user and environmentally friendly product and it cleans up with water and contains no volatile organic compounds. Please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department for more information about this advanced new product.

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