High Temperature Adhesive

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Bonding and coating mica, glass-ceramics and metals

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High Temperature Adhesive
High Temperature Adhesive

Ceramabond 632 from Aremco is a single part, mica-filled, high dielectric adhesive, which is formulated for bonding and coating mica, glass-ceramics and metals for temperatures to 2300 oF (1260 ºC). Physical properties include a dielectric strength of 150 volts per mil at room temperature and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 4.7 ppm/oF (8.5 ppm/ºC). Viscosity range is 10,000-25,000 cP, specific gravity is 1.45-1.50 g/cc and pH is 11.0. The adhesive can be used for bonding and coating mica and glass-ceramics as well as non-ceramic substrates such as steel and stainless steel. It is applied easily using a brush, syringe or pneumatic dispenser. After application, it sets rapidly at room temperature and step cures at 200 oF and 500 oF for 2 hours each, respectively. Cured material is resistant to most acids, solvents and fuels. Cleanup of uncured material is accomplished with warm water and soap.

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