Climeon AB Capture Waste Heat from Steel Production to Increase Energy Efficiency

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The Climeon Ocean system designed will capture “waste heat” from SSABs Borlänge Plant to produce clean electricity

Climeon AB Capture Waste Heat from Steel Production to
Increase Energy Efficiency
Climeon AB Capture Waste Heat from Steel Production to Increase Energy Efficiency

Steel manufacturing is energy and resource intensive and has an impact on the environment globally and locally. Climeon and SSAB have jointly installed a Climeon Ocean system designed to capture "waste heat" from SSABs Borlänge Plant to produce 100% clean electricity. SSAB is continuously working to improve their energy efficiency and this commercial agreement with Climeon is an important part of this work to drive energy efficiency.

Climeon Ocean has a unique design to capture low temperature heat and convert it into more than 100 kW of clean electricity, says Climeon CEO Thomas Öström. Heat that historically literarily gone down the pipe or up in the air has now become a valuable asset as well as an opportunity to reduce CO2 footprint. The system at the Borlänge site is the first of its kind in the world and it will be used as a reference of Climeon's technology in the industrial market.

The system was installed at SSABs site in Borlänge during the spring and is now at full effect producing an annual output of 700 MWh of clean electricity. This is enough to supply 140 average homes with consumer electricity. The global amount of waste heat from the process industry, applicable for Climeon's technology, exceeds 5000 TWh. This energy could supply several countries, the size of Sweden, with green and clean electricity.

Posted on July 6, 2015 - (9823 views)
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