Cognex Expands Its 3D Vision Capabilities

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The company acquired two 3D vision companies

Cognex Expands Its 3D Vision Capabilities
Cognex Expands Its 3D Vision Capabilities

Cognex Corporation has expanded its 3D vision capabilities with the recent acquisition of two companies specializing in 3D machine vision technology.


Cognex acquired EnShape, a maker of advanced 3D vision sensors and software based in Jena, Germany. EnShape’s 3D sensors use patented area-scan technology for fast image capture at high resolution, and eliminate the need to mechanically move objects in front of the device as required with laser line scanners. The company’s team of highly skilled 3D vision engineers will become part of a new Cognex engineering center based in Jena.


Cognex also completed the acquisition of AQSense, a provider of 3D vision software based in Girona, Spain. AQSense develops and sells a library of field-tested 3D vision tools and a configuration software package that helps customers easily set up their 3D vision applications. The company’s software engineers joined Cognex’s 3D engineering team upon the closing of the acquisition.

Posted on November 23, 2016 - (148 views)
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