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    Communication Processors

Siemens' CP 1243-7 andCP 1242-7 version 2 are two new communication processors for telecontrol applications using Simatic S7-1200 controllers. These two new CPs offer a wide variety of application scope for remote maintenance, diagnostics and control.

Both variants allow the cyclically and event-driven transmission of measured and nominal values as well as alarms to a control room. Measured values from outdoor areas, for instance, can be transmitted to a controlcenter, or automatic emails can be sent to maintenance personnel. Without the need for complex programming, using the Step 7 Professional engineering software for TIAPortal, the user selects the data to be transmitted from the Simatic-S7-1200 CPU and stipulates the required communication parameters.

The CPs are able to seamlessly buffer values and provide them with a time stamp in order to prevent loss of data in the event of a connection failure. When the connection is restored, the buffered values are automatically transmitted to the controlcenter in the historically correct sequence. Comprehensive diagnostics, locally using LEDs or in the engineering tool Step 7, offer the user rapid, meaningful analysis of the station status. The secure connections of the new modules are engineered by means of data point configuration in Step 7. The CPs are also equipped with integrated security functions such as a firewall (stateful inspection)and VPN protocol (IPSec).

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