Constant Force Spring

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Reduces maintenance of carbon brush holder

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Constant Force Spring
Constant Force Spring

Ming Tai Industrial Co., a global leading manufacturer of steel strip springs, has developed a wide variety of constant force springs for carbon brush holder, which can be applied to all types of brush motors, generators and alternators, slip ring and grounding systems.

Ming Tai offers high quality constant force spring, which ensures the carbon brush to work consistently by dependably exerting constant pressure to increase brush life and to reduce electrical wear, spark. It also makes carbon brush reliable, having long life cycle and reducing maintenance.

Other advantages of constant force spring for a carbon brush include:
1. Any length of brush is available to be hold by constant force spring.
2. Compact design for overall motor size.
3. Option of larger commutators.
4. Spark reduction and lower influence by electromagnetic interference.

Basically, constant force spring for carbon brush holder can be classified in two types, the Single Coil Type and the Twin Coil Type. There are a number of different constant force springs design possibilities for carbon brush. You are welcome to contact Ming Tai's engineer for your best solution.

Posted on June 6, 2017 - (4457 views)
Ming Tai Industrial Co., Ltd
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251 New Taipei City - Taiwan (roc)
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Ming Tai is a professional manufacturer of steel strip spring, including conventional springs, constant force spring, constant torque spring, constant force spring for carbon brush, power spring, and variable force springs, etc.

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