Optimized constant force spring solution

for motion application

  • Optimized constant force spring solution
    Optimized constant force spring solution

Ming Tai, certificated with ISO 9001 and RoHs, has over 50 years experience to manufacture high quality constant force spring.
Constant force spring is made by winding the steel strip into a coil which exerts a nearly constant retraining force to resist uncoiling, which offers following advantages:

1. High force output with very small space requirements
2. To exert nearly constant force during entire extension.
3. Short initial pretension, it means that can afford the rated load at short extension.
4. Provides long extension capability

Constant force spring can be used on following application such as returning and retrieving motion , counterbalancing applications, and tensioning and loading applications. To develop an optimized solution for your spring demand, please contact our engineer early in the design phase at mtis@powerspring.com.tw.