Continual Revolving Chain

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Continual Revolving Chain
Continual Revolving Chain

igus has developed an "intelligent" transport chain for machine and handling builders. "PickChain" is a continual revolving chain with integrated energy and data supply which drastically reduces the times required for pick&place handling. Compared with conventional handling and transport applications, it manages without superfluous start and return runs, which are wasted journys. Work can be done continuously, for example loading and unloading, stacking, gluing, clamping, turning, drilling and so on. The new system moves smoothly and without vibration at a continual speed of between 2 and 3 m/s. The transport chain has sturdy teeth and is driven by a double-toothed belt. Maintenance-free travel of up to 30 m and more is possible with a continual, fail-safe circular movement.

Posted on October 17, 2011 - (921 views)
igus GmbH
Spicher Straße 1a
51147 Köln - Germany
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