Cyber Security - A Global Prerequisite

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ARC Advisory Group's tenth India forum in Hyderabad

Cyber Security - A Global Prerequisite
Cyber Security - A Global Prerequisite

Presently, securing industrial control systems is of utmost importance as multiple networks are connected for global transactions. These control systems manage essential services, such as military, electricity, petroleum production, water, transportation, manufacturing, and communications. Control systems rely on computers, networks, operating systems, applications, and programmable controllers, each of which are not completely secure and have certain vulnerabilities.
At ARC Advisory Group's recent tenth India forum in Hyderabad, suppliers and end users spoke about the imperativeness of cyber security in terms of national security and control system security. National security and information technology have a symbiotic relationship. National security depends on a host of issues, such as political/military/economic power and these require cyber security. The threat of cyber wars/terrorism is very real, according to ARC.

Posted on September 20, 2012 - (112 views)
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