Digital Manometer

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For analyzing pressure peaks and recording measurement data

Test & Measurement

Digital Manometer
Digital Manometer

Keller introduces the first of a new generation of high-resolution digital manometers. The LEO 5 features precise sensor technology, fast, high-resolution signal processing, peak recording and data storage with a time stamp. Designed for deployment in hostile environments, the device features a robust stainless steel housing, safety glass front, a 16 mm backlit display and capacitive touch controls.

Recording and analyzing pressure peaks
Undetected pressure "spikes" are one of the common causes of premature wear and untimely failures in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. In freshwater systems, this phenomena is sometimes called "water hammer". The manometer, with its pressure peak analysis mode, will sample and record system pressure at a rate of 5 kHz and with 16 bit resolution, enabling the troubleshooter to positively characterize system behavior. With storage capacity for over 50'000 peak values, including temperature and time stamp, data from the LEO 5 is exportable for detailed analysis via the included USB interface.

Accurate pressure measurement
In the standard measurement mode, the LEO 5 operates at a sampling rate of 2 kHz and with an A-to-D resolution of 20 bits. The LEO 5 lineup includes seven standard full scale pressure ranges between 3 and 1000 bar. In the temperature range of 0...50 °C, the TEB (Total Error Band) for pressure is ± 0.5 %FS. When temperature conditions are stable, the LEO 5 is capable of achieving a TEB accuracy of ± 0.01 %FS.

Easy to upgrade thanks to its modular design
The manometer is available with a wide range of optional features, including a standard radio interface for measurements in inaccessible or mobile locations. Traditional analog outputs of 4...20 mA and 0...10 VDC and up to two switch outputs for process control and monitoring can also be provided. Configuration and data transmission take place via USB or RS485 interface. Special housing materials, pressure connections and other user-specific options are available.

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