Energy Savings Estimator

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Energy Savings Estimator
Energy Savings Estimator
Energy Savings Estimator
Energy Savings Estimator
Energy Savings Estimator
Energy Savings Estimator

The majority of pump and fan applications make use of an asynchronous three-phase motor. The characteristic feature of this type of motor is the fact that its speed depends on the frequency of the mains supply, which in Western Europe is normally 50 Hz. The motor is then dimensioned in such a way to achieve the maximum required output. However, as a pump and a fan seldom have to deliver the maximum delivery volume, users install valves to limit the flow. This means then that the lost energy is often greater than the actual effective energy. State-of-the-art frequency inverters save a considerable amount of this energy. Eaton'sEnergy Savings Estimator is an easy-to-use calculation tool that enables users and planners to calculate the savings potential of individual mechanically controlled fans and pumps and those controlled electronically with a frequency inverter. Only some basic specifications of the system in question are required.

Energy Savings Estimator Software Tool
In order to compare different control technologies in a system some information needs to be entered. This includes the energy costs per kWh, the required output of the system and the flow volumes over time. The Energy Savings Estimator is a free software tool that enables users to compare the energy efficiency of pumps or fan systems quickly and clearly with and without a frequency inverter with only a few entries required and print out the results as a document for customers or plant operators.

The Eaton Energy Savings Estimator is a program that determines the motor data, the load profile and the operating hours with only a few inputs required. The tool shows the following savings options: Expected energy and CO2 saving (foot print) as well as the payback times when using alternative drive solutions. The program takes all important factors into account such as running time, output requirements, energy and investment costs. The energy savings report also offers several graphic representations that can be selected by the user. The program also creates additional charts that are made available by simply clicking the appropriate buttons. The Eaton tool can be downloaded at:, then enter Quicklink ID: ES2306

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