Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions

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Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions
Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions
Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions
Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions
Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions
Frequency Inverter for Lean Solutions

The intelligent wiring and communication technology SmartWire-DT from Eaton has a growing popularity and establishes successfully in machinery and plant engineering. The product portfolio is continuously rising and offers especially for tripping, protecting and running of engines with high performance high savings potential. Now the company extends its portfolio with a new variable frequency inverter series.


The series for a rating range of up to 250kW is presented at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair in Nurnberg. Thereby the company is logically expanding its strategy of applying the Lean methodology to the engineering in machine and panel building. The new frequency inverters offer users from the machine building sector as well as from the materials handling and building services sectors an easy-to-install, operator-friendly and energy efficient solution for driving devices such as pumps, fans, conveyor belts, cranes, winding machines, compressors or lifts.

The new frequency inverter series currently consists of two models: The DC1 Compact and the DA1 Advanced Machinery Drive. The DC1 is the basic module covering ratings from 0.37 to 11 kW, and was developed for applications where robust design, availability and universal functionality are the main requirements. The DA1 series is designed for ratings from 0.75 kW to 250 kW, and is suitable for the most demanding solutions requiring high performance.

User-friendliness was a prime objective in the development. Self-explanatory type codes, autotune functionality and convenient parameterization simplify configuration and commissioning. Step by step the standard parameters be requested and enable a configuration without reading extensive manuals. If further functions are required supports a helpcard the operator, it can be easily pulled out of the frequency inverter. As well as programming via the keys on the device or alternatively via a PC, the user can copy the parameter settings from one device to another quickly and simply using a Bluetooth PC stick with an RJ45 interface.

Another prejudice of the new series is the robustness. It's characterized by a high international protection up to IP65. This allows to use the frequency inverters in wet and dusty surroundings without an extra protection. The frequency inverters for the control cabinet (IP20) supply full power up to ambient temperatures of 50°C. Hereby can the devices be packed closer in the control cabinet, which save costs. Also the expense for the running of fans and cooling disappear.

Pluggable modules enable the frequency inverters to be incorporated quickly and simply into Eaton's SmartWire-DT connection and communication technology which completely eliminates the need for conventional control circuit wiring. SmartWire-DT is the intelligent control panel wiring solution from Eaton. It reduces panel complexity by consolidating complex circuit wiring into a single, durable 8-pole cable. Beyond simplifying the wiring process, SmartWire-DT streamlines testing, and reduces commissioning and troubleshooting. The costs for the whole life cycle of a machine can be reduced up to 70 percent. The SmartWire-DT is part of the Lean Solutions philosophy of Eaton, which shall identify and prevent any form of waste, which includes expensive processes, long routes, waiting times overproduction or material waste.

The frequency inverters also offer different open and closed-loop control methods. The DC1 controls the motor with U/f characteristics and also enables an increased torque. The frequency inverters are thus able to operate the motors at 150% of the rated power for 60 s and at 175% for 2 s. The DA1 models also offer the user the possibility of sensorless vector control (SLV) as well closed-loop control with a rotary encoder (CLV). In sensorless vector mode the DA1 can even move from rest with a 200% torque and without the use of an encoder. The DA1 series is provided with PLC functionality and offers, in addition to a standard integrated PID controller, the possibility of powerful solutions for different applications. For example cranes or lifts which require a controlled lifting and lowering of loads. Another example is the insert of compressors in the manufacturing. For a constant product quality it's critical to run engines with a high torque and low engine speed to guarantee a soft starting and braking under these conditions.

The frequency inverters are available as standard for the Modbus RTU fieldbus system, and the DA1 is also equipped with an integrated CANopen interface. The user can connect other fieldbus systems such as Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, EthernetIP, EtherCat, Modbus TCP and BACnet easily via fieldbus modules. When integrated in the SmartWire-DT communication system, it is not only possible to parameterize the frequency inverters centrally, but also to send them control commands and read diagnostic data from them. The device can also be controlled via a PROFIdrive profile which makes the full function spectrum of the frequency inverters available.

With the focus on energy efficiency, the DA1 series supports both the standard three-phase motors that normally comply with the current IE2 and IE3 standard, as well as the highly efficient permanent magnet motors that are designed for the future IE4 standard. The devices also feature an energy optimizer that can automatically reduce the motor voltage with light loads.

Eaton also offers the DA1 models up to 160 kW with protection to IP55. All devices come with international approvals (CE, cUL, UL, C-Tick, Gost-R, RoHS, DNV) and with single-phase and three-phase voltage inputs of 115 V, 230 V and 400/480 V are ideally suited for global use.

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Eaton Industries GmbH
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