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The LA6, introduced by PATLITE, enables visualization of a huge array of warning and signal patterns

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    Signal Towers

With a bit and a binary mode the new signal tower LA6 can create an almost endless variety of colours and signal patterns. New patent-pending special lenses provide for an even better visibility. When working in the bit mode, the LA6 signal tower functions like a conventional stack light, using the typical PATLITE signal colours red, yellow, green, blue and white as blinking or continuous signal lights. The LED modules are equipped with new patent pending special lenses that provide for even better visibility.

When working in the binary mode, the signal tower can additionally create more than 4.000 different colours and a huge amount of signal patterns, for example sine curves, colours "jumping" across the signal unit or all modules lighting up in the same colour. Users can program the signal tower with special editing software that can be downloaded for free from the PATLITE website. The new LA6 signal tower is available with either 3 or 5 light modules. An, also patent, pending, sound module with a water-proof speaker and 11 different alarm types supports the visual signalization with a maximum volume of 85dB (at 1m).

The LA6 can either be ordered with ivory white or silver housing. Various mounting options Round standard mounting brackets are used for vertical direct installation. Wall brackets made of aluminium cover all the wiring when the signal tower is installed at a wall. With an adjustable bracket the signal tower can be tilted up to 90°, thus facilitating transport and packing of the machine on which the signal tower is installed. Thanks to a compatible wiring the mounting can be changed after the first installation. The LA6 signal tower’s protection is IP65.


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