Floor-standing or Table-top Clean Room Station

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Enables highly sensitive measurements in the field of elemental analysis

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Spetec CleanBoy Mini
Spetec CleanBoy Mini

Spetec’s CleanBoy clean room station answers the need for greater precision and sensitivity in analytical procedures. Since a classic laboratory atmosphere contains approximately 300,000 to 500,000 particles per cubic foot, these particles can invalidate ongoing research results or interfere with measurement results, or lead to unwanted physical effects. CleanBoy helps store samples in clean room conditions and create the optimum conditions for highly sensitive measurements in the field of elemental analysis.

CleanBoy brings a practically particle-free atmosphere straight to any workplace

CleanBoy clean room station is available as a floor-standing or table-top version. Easy to assemble and immediately ready to use, it consists of a SuSi (Super Silent) or basic size 75 series laminar flow module and a support frame manufactured from anodized aluminum profile sections. On the tabletop, it is possible to work under class 5 clean room conditions, for both the CleanBoy Mini (table-top version) and CleanBoy Maxi (floor-standing version).

Laminar air flow is possible at an air speed of 0.45 m/sec., slightly less than wind force 1

The main filter is housed in a filter cartridge that is screwed to the module. As a result, the filter can be replaced very easily from below. Air is taken in from the ambient air via a pre-filter and then filtered through a high-performance filter before flowing across the workstation as a laminar airflow. Equipped with a type H 14 filter, the clean room station has a filtration efficiency of 99.995 %. Thanks to the use of the H 14 filter, the CleanBoy has an isolation factor of 104. This means that the air quality in the clean room station is at least 10,000 times better than that of the ambient air.

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Floor-standing or Table-top Clean Room Station

Enables highly sensitive measurements in the field of elemental analysis

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