Low-flow Rate Double Syringe Pump

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Two separate syringes can be simultaneously driven

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Low-flow Rate Double Syringe Pump
Low-flow Rate Double Syringe Pump

In a previous publication, Spetec was able to show that syringe pumps are excellently suited in atomic spectroscopy for the analysis of cell suspensions or nanoparticle suspensions in order to reduce memory effects or blank values. For long-term applications, there used to be the handicap that the syringes had to be replaced manually for applications that were to run with the same liquid over a long period of time. Thanks to a technical innovation, Spetec has now succeeded in developing a double syringe pump that no longer has this disadvantage. A simple spindle with offset power transmission to the syringe pushers, driven by a stepper motor, makes it possible to drive two separate syringes simultaneously.

Without the need to change the syringes, the second syringe can be filled in again

While the first syringe is being emptied, the second syringe can be completely filled in the meantime. Without the need to change the syringes, the second syringe can be filled in again. On the upper support plate, the two heads of the syringe holders are shown with the spindle slot underneath. A quick release device facilitates a fast exchange of both syringes. Ready-made syringes (made of polypropylene - PP) with 5ml, 20ml and 50 (PP) ml can be used, but the holder of each syringe also allows the use of custom-made syringes with an outer diameter of 9 to 34 mm.

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