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Gas And Liquid Flow Meters
Gas And Liquid Flow Meters

Flexim introduces its new Fluxus F608 and G608 portable gas and liquid flow meters for usage in hazardous areas. The new Fluxus F608 and G608 are based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile F601 and G601, but have been specifically engineered for their use within hazardous areas and are covered by ATEX certification (EX II3G). Thus, users aren't obliged anymore to obtain a Hot Work Permit, making the access to ATEX zones much easier and less time consuming. The resistant carbon fibre housing, together with the rugged transducer design, ensures a high impact protection as well as a resistance against oil, water and many other liquids. The F608 and G608 share the same efficient battery management as the F/G601, and the system can be fully set-up in less than five minutes due to the intuitive user guidance and the automatic transducer recognition. Its application range is unrivalled - from pipes as small as 10mm up to 6500mm inner diameter and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 200°C. Being equipped with two flow channels and multiple in- and outputs, the flow meter is designed for direct usage in demanding environments, such as in the Upstream area - where it can be carried as personal luggage to Platform visits - as well as the Downstream sector. As known from all Flexim flow meters, also the F608 and G608 feature a highly precise bi-directional measurement at fast and even very slow flow rates over a wide dynamic measurement range and are not prone to temperature and zero drift.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (84 views)
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