greenTEG Gets to China and Korea

greenTEG expands its existing distribution network thanks to Aunion Tech and LVI Technologies that will market gRAY Laser Power Detector in China and Korea

  • December 16, 2015
  • greenTEG Gets to China and Korea
    greenTEG Gets to China and Korea

greenTEG's existing distribution network for the gRAY Laser Power Detector product line in Asia will be complemented by Aunion Tech (China) and LVI Technologies (Korea). Aunion Tech as well as LVI Technologies market high-end laser and photonics products from leading global manufacturers and have excellent track records.

Aunion Tech and LVI will market greenTEG's gRAY Laser Power Detectors in China and Korea. gRAY Laser Power Detectors enable high-precision measurements in the UV to the mid-IR range. The product portfolio includes bare-die components, PCB-mounted as well as housed detectors. gRAY detectors are especially suited for OEM applications.

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Aunion Tech

LVI Technologies

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