HMI with Expanded Temperature Range

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HMI with Expanded Temperature Range
HMI with Expanded Temperature Range

The GOT2507T-WTSD 7 operator terminal from Mitsubishi Electric is a new HMI created to fit harsh and demanding applications, with an operating temperature range from -20°C to +65°C and protection ratings compliant to IP67F/IP66F. It doesn’t need any additional protective measures for high pressure washdown or use in outdoor power equipment, nor heaters in low temperatures or coolers in high temperatures. This HMI is suitable for industries such as power, food and beverage and machine building.

Improved resistance and available machine visualization

The GOT2507T-WTSD 7 has an enhanced resistance to UV rays and uses a high brightness LCD panel and a special coating to eliminate glare, for applications under strong sunlight. Through its metal housing, it can be used in environments that are subject to shock or vibration. It features all the functions of the GOT2000 range, such as multiple communication interfaces including two Ethernet ports, wireless LAN interface, USB, RS232 and RS422/485. Moreover, a warning functionality is available to quickly visualize information on the screen and machine visualization is possible through remote devices.

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