Frequency Inverter Recovers Energy

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Frequency Inverter Recovers Energy
Frequency Inverter Recovers Energy
Frequency Inverter Recovers Energy
Frequency Inverter Recovers Energy

The Hänel EcoDrive lift system for intralogistics tasks uses compact frequency inverter with integrated energy recovery function, converting the kinetic energy produced during the downward movement of the extractor into electrical energy and feed it back into the electrical supply system

Hänel Büro- und Lagersysteme is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carousel-type shelving and vertical storage lift systems. Products such as the Rotomat, Lean-Lift or Multi-Space have set standards in automated storage technology. These dynamic storage systems are constructed based on the carousel and conveyor principles, i.e. goods are brought to the operator and not the other way round. Due to the compact designs used, storage space can be maximised within confined spaces while utilising the whole height of the facility. Modern Hänel microprocessor control systems enable permanent and precise monitoring of stock. They can communicate with the customer's EDP system or be used as independent warehouse management systems.

The Hänel Lean-Lift is a fully automatic, height-optimised storage system which makes the best possible use of the storage space available. In order to increase energy efficiency, the installation can be expanded by adding the optional EcoDrive function. If the FR-A741 frequency inverter with integrated energy recovery function is used, it will convert the kinetic energy produced during the downward movement of the extractor (load-carrying device) into electrical energy and feed it back into the electrical supply system. From there, it can be used cost-efficiently at another location, e.g. by other Lean-Lifts within a group. There are definite benefits to be gained in terms of saving energy and reducing costs which will soon become evident: according to the travel capacity of the lift, up to 40 per cent of the energy originally required for the downward movement can be recovered and fed into the power supply system. CO2 emissions can also be reduced as a result.

Its high level of performance makes the FR-A741 frequency inverter suitable for actuators or for controlling high-performance machines with regenerative torques, e.g. for applications involving vertical and horizontal movements, for conveyor systems, centrifugal separators, test equipment or winding machines. As the frequency inverter and energy recovery unit are installed in a shared housing as standard, the concept allows smaller, more cost-effective drive systems to be used along with a single, space-saving switching cabinet. So there are no additional wiring costs either. Compared with the situation when an external energy recovery unit is used, the electrical wiring can be reduced by up to 60 per cent and the installation can bring a saving of up to 40 per cent on the space required according to the performance class in each case.

The EcoDrive function is being used successfully worldwide in hundreds of Lean-Lifts in sectors such as the medical, electrical, automotive, aviation and pharmaceutical industries as well as in machine construction and mail order and wholesale trading.

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