Industrial Efficiency 2016

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The event organised by eceee will be held in Berlin, Die Kalkscheune, 12–14 September 2016

Industrial Efficiency 2016
Industrial Efficiency 2016
Industrial Efficiency 2016
Industrial Efficiency 2016

Berlin in September 2016 is the place to go if you are interested in industrial energy efficiency. This is the venue of Industrial Efficiency 2016, the next large energy efficiency event organised by eceee, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. The event will provide a unique platform to discuss the role of industrial efficiency policies, programmes and directives, as well as the technologies and systems that are crucial to realise the large untapped potential for energy efficiency in industry.

Resource efficiency is a key topic running through the event. It has become a buzzword in EU sustainable policy-making, but what does it mean? And what can it deliver? At Industrial Efficiency 2016, the resource efficiency concept is scrutinized and taken a step further, by carefully examining the contribution of increased energy efficiency to make resource efficiency happen.

The format is partly renewed compared to previous years. Those familiar with eceee's Summer Studies will recognise the informal atmosphere and the exchange of information between stakeholder groups ranging from policy makers and industry to NGOs and academics. You will recognise one of eceee's hallmarks: the interdisciplinary approach.

However, the conference will also provide for a mix of peer-reviewed papers and presentations of projects and initiatives that may not necessarily have been evaluated or tried in full, and thus not the subject of academic scrutiny. The peer-reviewed papers are part of eceee's key mission to generate evidence based knowledge that can be fed fed into the national and EU policy-making processes.

Die Kalkscheune, a former machine tool and bicycle factory has been booked for the event. It is a cool venue, right in the centre of vibrant Berlin and offers excellent and easy access by train and air.

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