Interconnected Link Adaptor

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Enables traceable inspections with seamless WLAN or Bluetooth data transfer

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Interconnected Link Adaptor
Interconnected Link Adaptor

For better efficiency and data management, Olympus released the Olympus 38-Link adaptor for 38DL PLUS thickness gages. This interconnected tool for thickness measurement in manufacturing and maintenance enables traceable inspections with seamless WLAN or Bluetooth data transfer to a PC (using the optional Link-Wedge PC software), smartphone, tablet or the cloud. The 38-Link adaptor is a straightforward upgrade for 38DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gages that delivers full connectivity without including a new instrument. It enables 38DL PLUS to communicate wirelessly with the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OCS), reducing the risk of human errors in data processing.

Improved traceability and powerful workflow management tools

The 38DL PLUS is suitable for applications from wall thinning measurement of corroded pipes to precise thickness measurements of thin or multilayer materials. Thanks to the WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, the 38-Link increases traceability and delivers powerful workflow management tools. Thus, the users can organize and monitor the entire thickness gaging workflow and see completion results, create inspection files and wirelessly push them to 38DL PLUS thickness gages for a shorter setup time.

Posted on July 17, 2019 - (324 views)
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Olympus Industrial Solutions provides testing technologies including remote visual inspection (RVI), microscopy (IE), ultrasound (UT), phased array (PA), eddy current (EC), eddy current array (ECA), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and optical metrology.


Interconnected Link Adaptor

Enables traceable inspections with seamless WLAN or Bluetooth data transfer

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