Miniature Draw-wire Sensors

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Light-weight and compact

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Miniature Draw-wire Sensors
Miniature Draw-wire Sensors

Micro-Epsilon introduces a series of sensors including the smallest draw-wire sensor in the world. These displacement sensors come with a compact design in relation to their measuring ranges and can be integrated into tight spaces. 

Three sensors with different measuring capabilities

The wireSENSOR MT19 weighs 8g with a size of 19 x 19mm. It is used for displacement and distance measurements with a measuring range of 40mm. It also enables wire accelerations up to 60g. This draw-wire sensor fits the use in crash tests, simulators or test benches. The MT33 and MT56 cover measuring ranges up to 130mm. Suitable for industrial applications, this series comes with two through-bores in the housing and an integrated eyelet attached to the measuring wire for fast and easy mounting.

Posted on May 1, 2019 - (651 views)
Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec GmbH
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