Mobile Wired EMC Measurements Service

To avoid high frequency interferences, Schurter offers EMC testing for regular check of new machines and equipment during the development process

  • Mobile Wired EMC Measurements Service
    Mobile Wired EMC Measurements Service

Switched mode circuits are being used increasingly in electronic equipment. Because of the rapid switching the probability of high frequency interferences is also increasing. At the same time the legislator is tightening the EMC regulations. The outcome: The leeway for retrofits with filters and chokes is growing smaller. Therefore, SCHURTER has set up a mobile service for wired EMC measurements. It allows a regular check of new machines and equipment during the development process. The mechanical and electrical industry in the European Economic Area is facing a further tightening of the EMC regulations. This happens at a time when more and more electrical applications are being equipped with frequency inverters to enhance their energy efficiency and easy controllability. The result is an increase in the unwanted electromagnetic effects, primarily in devices with high clock or pulse frequencies.

The use of CE-compliant assemblies can mislead many a device designer to dispense with the EMC testing. Yet the task of squaring of the circle which guides the assembly of CE-tested components, leading in the end to a device that is compatible with the standard, is becoming more and more difficult. The mode of operation, the wiring and the assembly of the components have such a great effect on the emissions that it is advisable to measure them first. The outcome is recognition that the EMC problems for the manufacturers are associated with increased risks.

If attention is paid too little or too late to the EMC requirements, there is a threat of delays in obtaining marketing authorisation; with all the potential negative consequences for a company. A subsequent re-engineering leads to rising costs; the roadmap leading to series production must be revised and, in the worst-case scenario, supplier loyalty is at stake.

Therefore SCHURTER decided many years ago to add a mobile EMC measurement service to its range of EMC products. At present, about 1000 companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and northern Italy are being served. In other European countries, Asia and North America SCHURTER offers the service through its global network of partners. The measurements in the actual environment give a more accurate indication of the susceptibility to interference than the laboratory environment can simulate. 

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