On the Path to Open, Future-Proof Tracking Systems

World’s first omlox test lab commences operations at the Fraunhofer Institute in Lemgo, Germany

  • February 14, 2024
  • (from left to right): Florian Hufen, Florian Jungbluth, Harry Fast and Dr. Holger Flatt. (C) Fraunhofer IOSB-INA
    (from left to right): Florian Hufen, Florian Jungbluth, Harry Fast and Dr. Holger Flatt. (C) Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

The world's first omlox test lab is up and running since November 2023. PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) has approved the Fraunhofer Institute in Lemgo, Germany, as a PI test lab for omlox. This enables manufacturers of tracking technologies to have their products tested according to the OMLOX standard by an independent test laboratory.

The function and interfaces of the multi-vendor Omlox technology are described by standards. In order for components (hardware and software) from different manufacturers to work to-gether in a system, the components must be implemented exactly according to the standards. This is known as conformity. Conformity must be tested to ensure a high level of system quali-ty and usability for users. The world's first test laboratory for this purpose is now testing and confirming conformance so that components can be awarded OMLOX certification.

Use of different localisation technologies

For the first time, omlox enables the provision of location information in production environ-ments, regardless of technology or manufacturer. Different localisation technologies, such as ultra-wideband (or UWB, which is widely used in localisation systems due to its robustness), 5G, RFID, QR codes and GPS, can be used together and with standardised interfaces in an omlox system. The standard also ensures that so-called omlox satellites (components of the localisa-tion infrastructure in a building) can be integrated with omlox tags (devices that are localised via signals), regardless of the manufacturer.

This enables users to implement future-proof, manufacturer-independent tracking systems based on omlox-certified products. Omlox brings a new level of transparency, which is seen by experts as a ground-breaking localisation standard with key features for the advancing digitali-sation of industry and logistics. The availability of the first test lab marks a milestone for the omlox localisation standard and its global adoption.