PLM Solutions Support Consumer Packaged Goods Market

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Rise of Internet commerce

PLM Solutions Support Consumer Packaged Goods Market
PLM Solutions Support Consumer Packaged Goods Market

According to ARC Advisory Group, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market is currently undergoing some groundbreaking changes as the consumer market and CPG landscape respond to a number of factors. These include: the rise of Internet commerce, emerging consumer markets on a global scale, an informed consumer that wants to provide feedback on product development, value-conscious buyers looking for the best buy and highest quality, and rapidly changing global demographics across age, economic class, and ethnicity.
The challenges facing the CPG industry for the near term and into the next decade will be significant and how the companies in this industry respond will determine market share, brand awareness, and bottom-line profits for just about all industry players. While CPG companies work diligently to respond to current regional and global economic conditions and value-conscious consumers, market research indicates that significant demographic and economic shifts will dramatically reshape both the growth and decline of CPG market segments for the foreseeable future.

Posted on August 9, 2012 - (190 views)
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