Safety protections in Paper Printing

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Set-up of safety zones for a high-speed printing operation

Sensor Technology

Large printers can benefit by creating independently controlled safety zones
Large printers can benefit by creating independently controlled safety zones
The DSU9H from BEI Sensors (Sensata)
The DSU9H from BEI Sensors (Sensata)

Large and high-speed printers, like the ones use for newspapers, can be dangerous. If there is a violation of the safe space around the equipment, it calls for an immediate shutdown, thus protect the workers but can be at a cost in terms of loss of product or damage to the web control, which could lead to a machine reset. The Sensata approach considers that in an alternative process, a high-speed printer operation can be viewed as having different safety zones, each controlled by its own motor in synchronization with the other motors. 

Large printers can benefit by creating independently controlled safety zones

By treating each section in this way, a safety violation in one area allows that area to respond quickly, maybe executing a knife cut and dumping excess paper very quickly while the other sections adjust their speed in such a way to protect their functions but also ramp down the speed in a safe manner. This maintains the safety aspects, while also reducing the commercial cost of a safety violation.

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