SAW Transducers

For non-contact monitoring of torques

  • ORT230/240 Transducer Series pictured
    ORT230/240 Transducer Series pictured

Radio frequency detectors allow to monitor Surface Acoustic Waves (SAWs) without contact needed, which grants freedom from strict mechanic limitations such as slip rings as well as immunity from magnetic forces and electronic interference. Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, Sensor Technology’s SAW-based torque sensors are ideal in the development of engines and gearboxes. 

Radio frequency solutions

The SAW devices (smart quartz combs) affixed to the torque’s shaft are distorted by movement, which impacts the resonant frequency of the combs, allowing its measurement via radio frequency exchange with the non-contact pick-up mounted close to the shaft. Following this action, electronic processing and calibration will ensue to monitor the torque in real-time.