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Laminar Seal Rings Available From Stock

  • Seal It, Protect It!
    Seal It, Protect It!

A Smalley Laminar Seal Ring set is a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove. The arrangement and the specific orientation of the rings are dictated by the application and the severity of the environment. There are 16 series of standard imperial and Metric Laminar Seal Ring configurations from which to select. 8 of these series are sets consisting of single-turn rings. The other 8 series are sets consisting of double-turn rings.

Within each series are operational ring-set configurations in both imperial and metric sizes. The selection of the appropriate set should be determined by the application. For some applications a complete labyrinth configuration (i.e.; a complete labyrinth configuration is one which has rings staggered within the set) is necessary due to a severe environment where contamination is highly probable. In other applications design engineers can keep the groove dimensions minimal by specifying laminar sets with rings clinging either to the bore or to the shaft. Laminar Seal Rings Available From Stock Standard parts from 15 mm to 1300 mm and 5/8'' to 50''. Special seals manufactured with No-Tooling-Charges. Advantages of Laminar Seal Rings

• No friction with other rotating components, ideal for high speed applications.

• Prevent dirt and splash water from contaminating components.

• When used in conjunction with other seals, Laminar Seals provide a primary seal against severe contamination, before the contaminants come in contact with the secondary seal.

• Sets of multiple rings provide an efficient labyrinth seal.

• Rings may be produced from a wide variety of alloys to withstand more severe conditions including higher temperatures and corrosive environments.

• As a metallic mechanical seal they can outperform rubber seals in durability and life expectancy.

• The change from rubber to metal reduces the need for frequent seal replacement.