Sensirion is The Twelfth Employers in Switzerland for Graduates and Students of EIT

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The company's excellent reputation is thanks to its unique corporate culture combined with equal parts innovation, creativity and dynamism

Sensirion is The Twelfth Employers in Switzerland for Graduates and Students of EIT
Sensirion is The Twelfth Employers in Switzerland for Graduates and Students of EIT

Trendence, the research institute for personnel marketing, conducts an annual representative survey that asks 5,000 Swiss students about their most desired employers and career plans.

This year's rankings were recently published, revealing that the upward trend experienced by Sensirion over the past few years has continued. After being ranked 51st in 2013 and 18th in 2014, the high-tech company once again ensured that it was among the most highly sought-after employers in Switzerland for 2015. Even more impressive is the fact that Sensirion secured 12th place in the category "Engineering and IT". This puts Sensirion tantalizingly close to the top 10 most popular employers and in the midst of some of the most renowned enterprises in Switzerland.

Universum, another personnel research institute, published its employer rankings at virtually the same time, and Sensirion once again scored highly in various categories for students and graduates. This cements the company's reputation as one of the most popular employers in Switzerland. Sensirion outdid itself in the engineering category - in terms of providing a "creative and dynamic environment" in which to work, the company achieved an amazing 4th place.

The popularity of the leading global manufacturer of sensor and software solutions is due in part to its strong corporate culture, in which fair and honest cooperation, social cohesion as part of a team and promotion of exceptional performance are core values. Another key factor is Sensirion's worldwide reputation for innovation, dynamism and continuous development. Sensirion combines a unique corporate culture with a passion for innovation, creating a winning strategy that has ensured the success of the company over the last few years.

Today, Sensirion's sensor solutions are used to measure humidity, temperature, gas and liquid flows in millions of applications all over the world, including in new markets such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart energy and environmental sensing, thereby demonstrating how essential intelligent sensors are for the future. At Sensirion, top employees work on the innovations of tomorrow.

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