Service Portal for Core Processes of Service Management

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Based on an integrated reference model, the ExpertDesk-ECOS combines a lot of efficient process modules

Service Portal for Core Processes of Service Management
Service Portal for Core Processes of Service Management

Mansystems has presented ExpertDesk-ECOS, a flexible customer service portal for all core processes of the service management that is based on an integrated reference model and already combines a lot of efficient process modules, ranging from the warehouse management and invoicing to customer interaction and service desk.

The ECOS Business-Logic-Shell offers tools to create your own personal Ecosystem. The experiences with e.g. JD Europe show that ExpertDesk-ECOS allows a short time to market.

JD Europe was searching for a tool to control processes and for a solution which is easily extendable in the future. The result was a "flexible customer service portal" that integrated existing applications into processes. Put an end to paper overload and process breaks and be open to an intelligent networking of all service and organizational units.

JD's customers expect an efficient service which solves their problem at the first attempt. With ExpertDesk-ECOS, Mansystems counts on the pioneering cloud technology and offers its solutions as private or hybrid cloud.

Posted on March 11, 2016 - (263 views)
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