Smart Slip Rings

Enable industry 4.0 integration

  • Smart Slip Rings
    Smart Slip Rings

Kübler designed a new line of slip ring specifically optimized to transmit Industrial Ethernet and analog signal and enable Industry 4.0 solutions. The Slip ring SRS250 features integrated sensors that permit condition monitoring, lifetime histograms and predictive maintenance. The automatic creation of electronic data sheets simplifies asset management.

Optimal power supply transmission and robustness

The SRS250 allow transmission of current up to 600 V / 100 A, the optimal supply for powerful drives. 

The slip rings are characterized by a robust modular design that makes them easy to maintain and prolongates their service life. Moreover, they are available in various connection options, made to fit every application. This makes Kübler’s split rings adaptable and easy to integrate in existing systems, maximizing efficiency.