Special Forum on Focal Topic "Regenerative Energy"

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Sensor+Test 2013

Special Forum on Focal Topic "Regenerative Energy"
Special Forum on Focal Topic "Regenerative Energy"

The increasing generation of energy from regenertive sources creates a plethora of new requirements for sensor, measuring, and testing technology. Take wind farms on the high seas, solar power plants in the desert, or biogas plants in the neighborhood: more and more facilities are distributed over an ever greater area. That is why the importance of intelligent measuring and monitoring techniques for a decentralized overall concept for energy harvesting will grow considerably in the future.
Therefore, the Exhibition Committee and the Executive Board of the AMA Association for Sensor Technology have decided to make Regenerative Energy the focal topic for the Sensor+Test 2013. The exhibitors at the Sensor+Test will be showing their many developments in this area - and not only at their stands: The lecture program on the first day of the fair (Tuesday) in Hall 12 is dedicated to the focal topic as well.
Moreover, the Special Forum "Regenerative Energy" offers all enterprises and institutions that want to present their innovative applications, products, technologies, or services on this topic a particularly inexpensive all-inclusive package for a full-fledged trade-fair participation. This should especially facilitate the participation of start-up businesses and small research institutes. A few places are still available at the community stand. Interested parties can obtain further information here

Posted on February 15, 2013 - (533 views)
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