Stackable brake energy feedback units

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for considerable energy savings

Stackable brake energy feedback units
Stackable brake energy feedback units

The feedback of brake energy into the power grid allows for considerable energy savings especially where a machine is operated in reverse mode. The feeder and feedback units from Baumüller b maXX 5100 for performance ranges of 36 and 64 kilowatt feed the energy created while braking back into the grid, with the controllers only having to balance out the slight energy losses incurred. The b maXX 5100 units can be used to supply one or several power modules.

The b maXX 5100 stackable feedback units can, for example, be used in handling applications or in the textile and packaging industry. These feedback units can be used to effect optimal energy savings for all processing machines with several drives that require flexible expansion options.

The b maXX 5100 units automatically have an upward synchronisation effect on the frequency of the power grid, resulting in a performance factor cos phi equal to one. The power-controlled precharge function of the b maXX 5100 has some advantages over a resistive loading device: thus, when the device is switched on, the charging time is monitored and any faults are detected and reported. This makes it possible to solve any problems before starting up the machine, thus preventing any damage to the machine or the drive. The controlled charging current also safeguards the converter against short-circuits once the main contactor has been enabled. Power peaks that could pose a problem when switching on the machine are thus prevented and an optimal intermediate circuit capacity can be selected for the application in question.

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