Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories

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Energy Efficiency Stories confirms itself as one of the most important appointment for Italian energy efficiency operators. Great figures registered also for this edition

Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories
Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories
Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories
Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories
Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories
Success Confirmed for 2017 Energy Efficiency Stories

The fourth edition of Energy Efficiency Stories, organized by TIMGlobal Media with Energy Efficiency Business & Industry in collaboration with Gruppo Sapio, closed its doors the 7th of June. This year, the event took place in the captivating location of the Aquatic Park Acquaworld of Concorezzo (20 km away from Milan), that thanks to its cozy meeting room that overlooks the pools, was the ideal place to host comfortably more than 100 selected participants. The audience took part to the conference in an active and proactive way, also thanks to the moment of debates as envisaged in the program. The event is considered a benchmark for professionals in the Italian energy efficiency scenario.

This year as usual, Sponsorships were fundamental for the success of the event. FESTO, Gruppo Salteco, AB, Intergen, CGT, Hydac were among the Main Sponsors, where Repcom, SDT Italia, Mennekes, Giakova, Ital Control Meters, mpm, ESA Automation, Mori Raddrizzatori and Nuova C.M.M.E. gave their contribution as Sponsors.

The support and partnership of some of the most relevant associations and institutional players for energy efficiency, like ANIE Energia, ANIE Automazione, AssoEge, ENEA and the Energy & Strategy Group of the Politecnico of Milano, were pivotal, most of all in the light of the sharing of significant and valuable contents during the event. 

This edition offered a further renovated format, after the new guise gave to the conference last year with the new name chosen Energy Efficiency Stories (previously “Energy Media Event”), that brings the attention to the presentation of real application stories of energy efficiency in the industrial setting. The news this year has been the introduction in the program of a shared insight on the theme of industrial monitoring, entitled “Talking About Metering”, created and adapted to fit the format by Nuen and Visual Stories, in collaboration with TIMGlobal Events. 


Even though the format has been changing and renovating year after year, the core of the conference is always the account of successful application cases of energy efficiency, that never disappoints attendees’ expectations in terms of themes, shared problem , solutions concretely adopted and future perspectives. The two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, gave voice to case studies from different industrial sectors in Italy, with a specific focus on cogeneration. In the afternoon, a series of institutional presentations and insights on major industry trends and present and future scenarios followed.

The high technical level of the 13 presentations and the dense program was appreciated by the selected audience, composed by ideal professional profiles – Energy Managers, Plant Directors and Maintenance Managers – and other roles less involved in energy efficiency, but nevertheless representative. The event started with the keynotes of Marco Marangoni, Associate Publisher at TIMGlobal Media, and Sara Ibrahim, Editor and contact person for the contents and program. Cristian Son, Group Publisher, sent his greetings to the public together with Davide Zecchini, Director Marketing & Innovation Industry at Gruppo Sapio. 

Federico Pella, the architect who projected the Aquatic Park Acquaworld in compliance with the principles of energy saving and recycling, and Rinaldo Monforte, Director of Sapio’s plant of Caponago and Chairman of the morning sessions, gave their welcome speeches to the audience.

After that, the presentation of high quality application stories started with Rinaldo Monforte, who illustrated how Gruppo Sapio raised the flexibility and efficiency of their air separation process for the production of nitrogen, oxygen and liquefied argon. After his presentation, a series of application stories on the theme of cogeneration, one of the main trends now, followed. The first speech was conducted by Gianluca Airoldi of AB Energy, who took the floor together with its client Patheon SpA; the second by Francesco Lambri of CGT, who introduced its client Sacchetto SpA; finally, took floor Roberto Barbieri of Intergen, with Cataldo Arcuri from Rovagnati. The speech of Paolo Zanetta, Energy Manager at Bticino (Festo’s client), concerning the reduction of compressed air on assembly lines, was very appreciated by the public.

Marco Vecchio, Secretary at ANIE Energia and Automazione and Chairman of the second part of the conference, opened the afternoon session. Marco Vecchio has briefly illustrated the advantages of National Industry 4.0 Plan, called “Piano Calenda”, for all players in the energy efficiency sector. After his speech, he introduced Cataldo Arcuri, Project Manager at Rovagnati – one of the most famous Italian producers of quality cooked ham – who explained the company’s project for saving energy by using wastes coming from ham cooking. Hydac showed one of their tested and developed solutions to eliminate air from oil and reduce downturns of efficiency. This solution was presented by Egger Helmut, Product Manager Filtration at Hydac. After that, Corine Nsangwe Businge, Researcher at RSE – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (Research on Energy System), a very important research company controlled by GSE, the state-owned company promoting renewable energy sources – illustrated the project InduCo, which investigates the role of energy efficiency in the Italian industry. Gruppo Salteco participated for the third time at Energy Efficiency Stories with Paolo Bocchi’s presentation on applications of the thermal insulating fluid Mascoat for energy efficiency. Finally, Davide Chiaroni of the Energy & Strategy Group of the Politecnico di Milano spoke about Energy Efficiency and Digital Energy.

At the end of the conference, almost 70 participants moved to Caponago for the guided visit of Sapio’s plant, coordinated by Rinaldo Monforte, Gaetano Di Caro and Fabio Burghesu


Among the novelties this year, there is the introduction in the agenda of “Talking About Metering: A Thematic Shared Insight”, a session of one hour and a half on the topic of industrial metering, in which participants had the possibility to work in group, bringing their own experience and ideas to their colleagues. The workshop, result of the expertise and the work of NUEN with Visual Stories, was introduced by Marcello Salvio, Engineer at ENEA, who explained the guidelines recently published on the theme of energy measurement. From the surveys made on attendees, it emerged that this undertaking was very appreciated and considered as a fruitful moment from the point of view of shared training and exchange of ideas.

2018 Edition

Energy Efficiency Stories gets back in May 2018, with the fifth edition, always under the heading of real stories and active debate among participants. Contents and locations, will be announced during SIMa, the Italian Summit for Maintenance, organized by TIMGlobal Media and Manutenzione T&M and presented by A.I.MAN., which will take place next 11th and 12th October, at Malpensa Airport

Sara Ibrahim

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