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Posted on March 21, 2012 - ( views)


Ride designer Funtime Industries needed a reliable moving system to supply power to the theme park ride ‘Star Flyer’ in Vienna - up to the top of the 117 metre tower.

When commissioned to design the iconic theme park ride ‘Star Flyer’ – an extreme vertical Chair-O-Plane – in Vienna, ride designer Funtime Industries faced the mammoth task of specifying a reliable moving system to supply power up to the top of the 117 metre tower.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome for extremely high vertical applications is to support moving cables both safely and securely. The two most important factors for the cable carrier are that the cables lay perfectly within the energy chain, as not to absorb any of the tensile forces that occur whilst the cables are in motion, and they are securely fastened at the end points. In addition the cables must be able to travel smoothly, whilst supporting their own weight.

As igus manufactures energy chains with an interior separation system, these issues were effectively resolved for the theme park ride designer; the cables are securely and neatly harnessed into the energy chain, and end fixings provide strain relief to the cables - this ensures that there is no flexing, wearing or twisting of the cables and that each cable is  able to move totally independently from one another.

Coupled with a guide trough, the weight and length of the energy supply is easily managed and supports the energy chain. The guide trough for the “Star Flyer” has glide bars designed specifically to protect the energy chain from abrasion at high speeds, whilst being corrosion and weather resistant.

The benefit of igus products is that they are made from tribological plastics and are guaranteed to increase the service life of the machine, whilst being modular and easy to assemble. This is proven both by laboratory testing for millions of cycles, and many real life applications in the field.

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