Terminal Block Editor

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Terminal Block Editor
Terminal Block Editor

Complex terminals and wirings including the accessories can for the first time be represented in the terminal diagram in their actual positions. The new functions of the Terminal Block Editor (TBD) in Aucotec's database-driven Engineering Base (EB) enable the correct determination of the page where bridges, connectors and accessories are to be placed. The assignment is effected centrally and over several sheets via drag & drop. The comprehensive options of the editor make graphic operation superfluous. For faster diagram creation, sheet editing and distributed multi-connector terminal representation is now much clearer. By means of the terminal types, EB controls the acceptability of bridges and accessories instead of just the usual listing of connector points. The result is a singular accuracy that distinctly simplifies manufacturing and maintenance, while simultaneously increasing the quality.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (60 views)
Oldenburger Allee 24
30659 Hannover - Germany
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